We believe that clothing is not only something you wear, but part of something bigger. Everything you see, everyone you meet has a story. We aim to tell those stories. Our first collection is based on one of the World’s most famous explorers, Captain Cook. The 1769 patch represents the year Cook first arrived in Tahiti for his mission, to witness the transit of Venus. Colours represent the transition from sea to land. The star represents the desire to know the Universe but is pushed to the side once Cook’s fascination with the people of Tahiti superseded his Galactic focus. The meeting of two cultures, two worlds.

We also believe that we can all learn from the past. The crew on board the Endeavour and many more like them ventured into the unknown not knowing what tomorrow might bring. They lived in the moment. It is important that with everything going on in today’s world, we don’t think too far ahead. By living in the moment we can alleviate anxiety and mental health issues. By bringing that message on to the neck label of our garments it serves as a reminder to ‘Live Immediately.’